Make sure you have plenty of MP and HP potions

06月 30, 2013
By 2onlinegame

Make sure you have plenty of MP and HP potions, because Fireboars do 80 damage, which you should be able to avoid when using the ledge properly. Since first jobs all have minimal damage until just before second job, you should have equal chances of getting invited. If you get bored of the First Accompaniment, you can try the Ariant Colosseum, available in versions with Ariant (available in KoreaMS, JapanMS, ChinaMS, TaiwanMS, ThailandMS, MapleSEA, GlobalMS). You can continue to train on green and horny mushrooms, or you can go and destroy jr.

Sentinels in Orbis Tower (b using the off-land sniping spots you can stay out of their reach). There is great money and good experience if you start at an early level. In GMS, you can go to Ariant and hunt the nearby cactus, as each of them give 47 EXP! At level 27, hunting kill green trixters is a great way to save on pots, as you won’t take damage from these vertically moving targets. From level 28 to 30, go crazy on teddies (normal) in Ludibrium Tower or flower fishes in Aqua Road. Meso training is when you kill only one shot monsters for more exp then if you were to double it and compare it with a monster that takes 2 shots. For example, a horned mushroom gives you 35 EXP and a Zombie Mushroom gives you roughly 42 EXP. It usually takes a low level magician to kill it in 2 shots.

But if you were going to kill 2 horned mushrooms then it would 70 EXP. Thus, giving you more exp for less magic points but it taking a bit longer to level up. It’s also called meso training because you save mesos in the long-run so it’s a good way for saving up. The other one is a bit of a rushing method. It’s very simple. You just train on any 1 or 2 shot monsters killing as many as you can at a given time ignoring your magic points. ?MapleStory Game First Job Training

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