The parties rouste of fortune quest rewards

08月 15, 2013
By 2onlinegame

As promised, subscribers and non-subscribers can now enjoy two additional parts of the roust of fortune for every quest completed.

From now on, whenever you accomplish one of the quests in this list, you will receive two parts of the capital which roust be added directly to your number of games won, in addition to your regular quests rewards , of course!

Any quest your quest list that you have not yet started (shown in red) or not yet completed (shown in yellow) you can earn extra parts of the roust of fortune. Know that even if you have already done the old version of quests we reworked, you will also gain additional parts in fulfilling the new versions of these quests, as Gunnar’s Ground or new versions of the quest Wolf Whistle , Druidic Ritual and Death Plateau. However, you will not earn part of the roust of fortune by completing mini-quests that do not appear in the list (such as bar hopping Alfred Grimhand), claiming rewards post-quest ( as in the Tears of Guthix) or completing Fremennik sagas.

This is the best time to go on an adventure with hundreds of hours of game content and great rewards await you with additional parts of the roust of fortune to win a bonus. To learn more about the different ways you can start the adventure, take a look here. Even if you are an expert on quests, you now have even more reason to finish the ones you have not found the time to finish and maybe even try to get the Cloak adventurer.

Remember non-members have access to 19 quests, but by subscribing to RuneScape is more than 160 quests waiting for you, and more content from great game.

For reasons related to the balance of runescapienne economy, we are not able to provide parts of the roust of fortune retrospectively for quests that have already been completed. But keep an eye on the quests to come in the coming months.

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