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RuneScape has announced this years Jagex Cup, an yearly competitors for clan associates presenting both in-game and real-world awards. This seasons occasion drawn more than 500 taking part groups and 80,000 players, all competitive for commemorative plaques, lifetime activity subscriptions, and trips to examine out the Jagex development studio.This seasons Jagex competitors is broken down into three sub-classes: the Combat Cup (PvP), the Skilling Cup (PvE), and the Combined Cup.

The competition features every week difficulties in each, all providing into the Grand Finals. "The Jagex Team Cup is the biggest player occasion in runescape gold ’s yearly calendar, with three individual contests run over the summer, concluding in three biggest clan champions; this will be the most complex and interesting WOW Gold RuneScape’s Team Team will run for our devoted player system," says Mod Kelvin, Jagex Go of Team Control.

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