You should not be using prayer against this beast

You should not be using prayer against this beast as because of their dimension they are really easy to be trapped at protected places.Ket-Zek level 360- This beast uses awesome strikes as well as mele, you MUST protected from miracle when battling this beast and also try to keep your Diablo 3 Gold as it can hit anywhere up to 600 on you with mele.Tz-TokJad level 702- This is the toughest beast of them all and i will explain how to destroy this beast later on in this information.

Yt-Hurkot level 102- These animals use mele and also act as healers towards Jad so you will have to pay attention to eliminating both these animals as well as Jad if your are going to be successful in getting a fire cpe.Safe Spots at the battle cavesThere are various protected places within the battle caverns but the first one that you will come across is the one directly at the front side of you as soon as you get into the battle caverns. It is situated northern eastern of the entry and it is very recognized as it looks like the boot of France (shape of Italy). When here you will not have to change to any other protected places in the caverns as this one is probably the best one that there is. I suggest using these safe-spots from about level 15 forward when the Yt-Merkot animals come.

Tz-Haar Fight Cave Trend StratergyWaves 1-29 are rather easy and i suggest to begin using the Safe places at level 15 when the Yt-Merkot animals come.Wave 29- At wave 29 you will see two Yt-Merkot animals create this is when you really have to concentrate, snare both behind the safe-spot and then after you have murdered the first one you will have to activate your protected from miracle prayer all the way up until Jad this is because the next throughout the level 300 Magic animals come and these can 1hit you with miracle.level 30 onward- Always protected from Magic keep use safe-spots and now is also a fun a opportunity to begin using some of your varying products to destroy the animals faster and to also get to Jad faster.At the end of wave 62 pot up and stay relaxed and get ready yourself for Jad. Jad will use both miracle and varying strikes and can one hit you so you must be conscious of what attack he is using and you must also stop wasting time at switching from protected from miracle to protected from extensive range.

His varying attack seems to be like a stomping audio so when you listen to this change to protected from extensive range and his miracle attack seems to be like a sparkley sparkle audio so when you listen to this change to miracle. Try not to go near to Jad as he can also one hit you with mele. When Jad is fighting with extensive range you will see him stop his two front side legs this is when you want to change to protected from extensive range and when he is using awesome strikes he will point his go in reverse and launch a huge fireball this is when you should protected from Runescape Gold. When Jads Healers appear you want to attack them all so that they are all targeted on you and not treatment Jad. try to snare two healers behind you when you are experiencing Jad and two to the part.

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