We have redesigned our billing web pages

We have redesigned our billing web pages. The subscription process is still the same, just with a brand new look to improve your experience.Our billing pages remain as secure as before, and you will find the wide range of payment options that you are used to. From today when you subscribe or manage your subscription, you will be redirected to the usual, secure location, and you will be greeted by pages that now have a brighter, clearer design.

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Willows, maples and magic trees all have their uses, but what of the lesser known vegetation such as the hollow trees of Mort Myre or the arctic pines of the Fremennik isles? With this week’s update, we’ve taken a closer look at the Woodcutting skill, rebalancing experience for the less popular trees and cultivating some new forms of training, but it’s not just XP rates that we’ve been analysing…

Teak and mahogany trees now also have a special log or two up their sleeves, which are worth much more than their weight in Diablo 3 Gold to the right buyer! Choking ivy has been seen clambering up the stone walls of RuneScape’s major cities and is much tougher to deal with than it looks.


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