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Activision Blizzard originally predicted to improve players

星期二, 08月 27th, 2013

When EA declared the active customers of the “Old Republic” have over 1.7 thousand, almost all of the game playing planets want to know how much trauma that the Xbox360 Fifa 13 Coins might carry to WoW in the end. This Activision Blizzard’s super MMORPG has been dominated this market ever since on-line in 2004. The players need to pay $ 13 to $ 15 monthly to continue the experience. But so far, the fixed quantity of people who donate money to Blizzard is from eleven thousand to 10.2 thousand monthly.

Activision Blizzard originally predicted to improve players, but actually the numbers of people are still slowly decreasing. However, we can see from the observation of the MMORPG group, the impact of”Old Republic” on the WoW is not as strong as predicted. “Old Republic” shows people that in this world, not just a fee MMO can be a traditional. “Founder and CEO of Problem.Inc, Hubert Thieblot says. This organization which located in San Francisco, working a variety of MMORPGs web page, and nearly 3 thousand hits each 1 month. According to Hubert, the listing of the “Old Republic” does not take much impact to WoW. Curse confirmed in the previous report: the quantity of people of the Old Republic group web page DarthHater grows very rapidly, but still has excellent gap with the broad range of WoW group. In addition, another web page concerning with the MMORPG, ZAMNetwork observed the same pattern. The Wowhead which is under control by this organization is the most popular WoW details web page.

RyanBohmann, the president of the organization, said: “Since Sept in last season, traffic of the web page continues to be stable.” Actually, last season, in contrast to this season, traffic of the web page had improved 7%which combined the “Old Republic” on-line. Another reason for this trend: a lot of WoW players just want to have a try to get into the Old Republic action, and they did not quit the unique Runescape Gold action. According to research, 17 percent of the players not only browsed the WoW official web page but also have considered the web page of the Old Republic. Like the Problem of Thieblot said: a lot of players may willing to try new MMORPG, but they will not abandon the unique experiencing action. These styles may describe that the prospect of the “Old Republic” is not very clear.