More Research Links Low Vitamin D And Cancer

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A new look at the way cancer develops suggests that low vitamin D levels enable the spread in the disease.

A study by the Moores Cancer Center at the University of California San Diego has produced a new model of cancer development. The currently-accepted model of cancer development considers genetic mutations to be the basis of cancer Extra Research Links Low Vitamin D and Cancer , while the new model proposes that a loss of communication between cells could be the key event in the development of cancer and low levels of vitamin D could be at least partially responsible.

The researchers say communication among cells is crucial to healthy cell turnover but low vitamin D and calcium levels can disrupt that communication
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, allowing aggressive cancer cells to take over Much more Research Links Low Vitamin D and Cancer . According to study leader Cedric Garland, DrPH, this cellular disruption may be the earliest stage of many cancers.

Though as yet there is no definitive scientific support for the new model of cancer development, the authors with the study say that maintaining adequate levels of vitamin D could potentially stop the development of cancer at it rather earliest stages.

The team who made this study has been investigating the tie among vitamin D and cancer since the 1990s
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. Their work has demonstrated an association among low vitamin D and breast cancer, as well as a link in between increased levels with the vitamin and a lower risk for a variety of cancers.

A 2006 British study of vitamin D and breast cancer appears to support these findings. Researchers from the Imperial College London tracked levels of the vitamin in 279 girls with invasive breast cancer
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. Those in the earlier stages from the disease had significantly higher blood levels from the vitamin than did those in the advanced stages along with the study concluded that lowered levels of vitamin D can promote the progression of cancer.

The importance of vitamin D in the development of cancer was further confirmed by a 2009 study by Sylvia Chistakos
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, Ph.D., from the UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School A lot more Research Links Low Vitamin D and Cancer . Her research, published in The Journal of Biological Chemistry, showed that the active kind of vitamin D induces the production of a protein that can inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells.

More Research Links Low Vitamin D And Cancer

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