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How To Test An Air Bed For Leaks

星期日, 05月 20th, 2012
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Fill a spray bottle with water and several drops of dishwashing soap. Inflate your air bed, and spray the bed with the soapy mixture. Concentrate on particular areas like seams and fill spouts first. After spraying, watch for soap bubbles to determine where the leak is coming from.


Lay tissue paper on an inflated air bed. Cover 1 side first and listen for any air hissing against the paperHow to Test an Air Bed for Leaks, or appear for ripples as the air escapes from the bed. Flip the bed more than and do

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the same for the back, and even flip the bed on its side so you can drape tissue paper over the ends and check for leaking seams.


Fill a bathtub or a child’s pool with water, then submerge the air bed beneath the surface. Look for bubbles to confirm the area exactly where the leak is.


Sprinkle baby powder onto the air bed, and watch for little “puffs” of powder exactly where it comes into contact with the leaking airHow to Test an Air Bed for Leaks.


Fill the air bed with approximately 1/2 gallon of water. The water will seep out of any hole that leaks air, so look for any wetness on the outside in the air bed to determine exactly where the leak is coming from.

How To Test An Air Bed For Leaks

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