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Facts You Need To Know About Breast Cancer |

星期六, 05月 12th, 2012

When someone is first diagnosed with breast cancer they are in a state of shock and denial and will automatically turn to the health provider they trust the most to help them overcome their problem. We have been programmed to think that when we get cancer we should go straight to our doctor as he has the best treatments for us
stages of cervical cancer
, but what one needs mainly are facts on the subject and some common sense so one can make an informed decision based on knowledge. Here are some well known facts about breast cancer so you can make that decision as to what are the best treatment options for you so you can be sure that your choice will lead to a cure.

  • The highest rates of breast cancer are in all the developed countries whereas there is very little in undeveloped countries so it’s not hard to find a reason why it’s occurring.
  • Nobody has ever died of primary breast cancer, it’s metastasise cancer, cancer which has shifted Facts You Need to Know About Breast Cancer , that kill.
  • By the time breast cancer is detected, whether by self examination or mammography, it is well established.
  • 90 percent

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    of breast cancers are found by the women themselves.
  • The introduction of breast screening hasn’t reduced the breast cancer mortality rate.
  • Mammograms are unreliable with 20 to 30 percent being false positives and false negatives.
  • There is no safe level of radiation as is used
    Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer Women
    in mammograms, the effects are cumulative.
  • Breast cancer awareness month in October has done nothing to bring the cancer rate down, facts that we are all aware of.
    It has also been called breast cancer recruitment month.
  • Breast cancer is classed in stages
    stages of ovarian cancer

    stages of ovarian cancer
    , 1 to 4 Facts You Need to Know About Breast Cancer . (4 being the worst)
  • Removing the cancerous lump in the breast, whether by surgery, radiation or chemotherapy only addresses the problem, not the cause of the problem. (That’s why the cancer returns)
  • Radical mastectomies do not address why the cancer grew in the first place.
  • DCIS which is Ductal Carcinoma in Situ is a very mild form of breast cancer; and is classed as stage 0. It is 95% curable.
  • The drug tamoxifen has demonstrated its ability to prevent the recurrence of breast cancer but a fact that is well know is that it can promote aggressive liver and uterine cancer.
  • Herceptin has been heralded as a miracle drug for the breast cancer but has been described by the well know cancer expert Dr Ralph W Moss as practically worthless. (Check out his website)
  • All the causes of breast cancer are well known and have been well known for decades.

Facts that are well known to have caused breast cancer are a diet program high in animal fat, salt and refined sugar, having been on the contraception pill for many years, the regular consumption of alcohol, our sedentary lifestyle (i.e
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. not exercising) and the use of chemicals, especially underarm antiperspirants Facts You Need to Know About Breast Cancer , sunscreens and hair dyes.

Facts that prevent and stop breast cancer from spreading are a healthy diet regime of fresh fruit and vegetables, vitamin D which you get freely from the sun, exercise and removing the known factors that have caused it.

Remember that true cures for cancer will only be achieved when a patient stimulates their own body’s defence system.

Facts You Need To Know About Breast Cancer |

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Gastric Cancer Survival Rate

星期二, 04月 10th, 2012

It is unfortunate that the gastric cancer survival rate has not significantly improved in spite of the advancement and far more research done to help eradicate the prevalence of stomach cancer amongst Americans Gastric Cancer Survival Rate . In truth
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, this cancer is nonetheless the 2nd most prevalent bring about of cancer mortality.

Fortunately, situations of this cancer have decreased substantially in the course of the past years as well. Stomach cancer was once the 2nd most typical cancer worldwide but with all the developing quantity of folks starting to see the rewards of a healthy food life style, the amount of circumstances currently declined.

Statistical reports show that gastric cancer survival rate tend to become really higher in African American ladies at 24% in comparison with the rest Gastric Cancer Survival Rate
stages of cervical cancer
, although Caucasian girls is following close at 23%. African American males have lower rate at 21% when Caucasian Americans have the lowest at 19%. Generally, there isn’t a very substantial gap among these percentages so it doesn’t drastically impact consumers in terms of racial differences.

A five year gastric cancer survival rate will refer to the percentage of patients with cancer of the gastric organ who’re still alive after 5 years. In most situations
symptoms of cancer
of ovarian cancer
, the doctors will simply looked into the records of those who had been diagnosed with this cancer five years beforehand and determine how substantially percentage of those folks remained living now. Included
symptoms of ovarian cancer
inside the study are the treatment processes, way of life modifications, emotional assistance along with other components that may well
cancer symptoms
be the cause for the patients’ continued well being
stages of ovarian cancer
. The rates of survival are according to patients who have been given remedy. There has been no established record of the survival rates of patients who didn’t undergo treatment but it may possibly be expected lower than people that did.

As what was mentioned earlier, gastric cancer survival rate has not a lot improved on the recent years Gastric Cancer Survival Rate . Out of 5 patients, only a single survivor remains living five years right after the diagnosis was confirmed and therapy was properly given.

A stomach cancer that has not yet spread out will have a a lot more agreeable percentage of survival in comparison with those whose cancer has currently proliferated to its surrounding tissues. This can be true to most cancer instances because a cancer which is confined is easier to control and remove than a cancer that has invaded a wider scope of coverage.

Until now, scientific studies are still getting conducted to enhance the rate of survival of patients with cancer with the stomach. The medical field is looking into the use of preoperative and post-operative chemoradiation to increase the odds at the same time as other treatment sufficient to aid combat this disease.

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