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Crib Bedding Safety

星期三, 04月 4th, 2012

Ask ten people what safety’ tips they follow when caring for their newborn and you’ll most likely get a very wide range of answers bedding for babies. Each parent/care-giver probably has generations of traditions, customs, or practices that have been handed down as the gospel’ concerning infant care girl baby bedding. For example, some father and mother swear by bumper pads as part of their crib bedding.? Others absolutely refuse to use them. Crib Bedding Safety baby bedding. bedding for cribs. the question everyone will need to ask is, “what does research say?”

New scientific research often contradicts commonly used practices and therefore ongoing education is vital in caring for your little ones in the best way Crib Bedding Safety . For example western baby bedding, the Back to Sleep’ campaign (encouraging moms and dads baby girl bedding to put their infants to snooze on their backs because it reduced the occurrence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)) was instituted in 1994 cheap baby bedding, but renewed again in 2000 because many father and mother were holding on to their old, less safe Crib Bedding Safety , practices. 1 good source for the best infant care would be the government of Ontario. They’ve created a fantastic program meant to educate new moms and dads and correct the improper practices used by experienced father and mother. Most of the safety guidelines regarding baby bedding and toddler bedding baby bedding are discussed below.

Your Baby’s Sleeping Environment

星期五, 02月 10th, 2012

Ensure your baby has a safe and happy sleeping environment

Your newborn baby needs a safe and comfortable sleeping environment in their first few months; having these also helps you catch up on the sleep you’ve been missing out on. We have put together some tips keeping safety in mind to help you and your baby sleep happily and healthy. There are important factors to consider in your baby’s sleeping environment. Baby’s room baby girl bedding, mattress and bedding for baby, how you should position your baby in bed and when to make the move from cot-to-bed Your Baby’s Sleeping Environment Your Baby’s Sleeping Environment monkey baby bedding. Read the tips below and help give your baby a safe and happy sleeping environment.

Your baby’s room

  • Studies have shown that the risk SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is decreased when your baby sleeps inside the same room as you during the first few months from birth
  • The correct temperature is important in your baby’s room, NHS advises the range of temperature should be between 16C – 20C
  • The room should be completely smoke-free
  • Baby’s like to sleep quite so ensure no windows best baby boy bedding baby girl bedding or doors are left open to noise causing disturbance to your baby’s sleep
  • Wires or cords inside room should be safely tucked away to avoid danger
  • Ensure baby’s cot is positioned away from objects your baby could use to pull-up on as he or she grows

Putting your baby to bed

  • Your baby should lay flat on their back unless advised otherwise from a healthcare provider studies have shown this decreases the risk of SIDS
  • To prevent moving or wriggling down the cot blankets should be tucked in with the baby’s feet at the foot of the mattress

Baby’s bedding

  • Ensure bedding is perfectly ventilated so your baby can breathe freely
  • All bedding should be fire-proof
  • No hot water bottles or electrical blankets in baby’s bed
  • The surface should be flat / firm without the need for your pillow
  • Cotton cot blankets should be used ladybug baby bedding custom baby bedding, duvets can be used when your baby is at least a year old
  • Ensure baby’s head is uncovered with bedding only up to the chest

Making the move from cot to bed

It can be a difficult decision to make when your baby is ready to make the move from cot to bed designer baby bedding, if him or her stand and top rail of the cot is below the chest it is usually a general rule that it’s time to make the move Your Baby’s Sleeping Environment baby boy bedding.

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Sudden Infant Demise Syndrome (SIDS) – Family

星期五, 02月 3rd, 2012

SIDS stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome which is defined as a sudden and unexplainable loss of life, whilst sleeping, of your seemingly normal and healthy infant below one year of age nojo baby bedding.

The cause of SIDS is as yet unknown while using experts unsure whether the immediate cause is due to respiratory failure or cardiac arrest Sudden Infant Loss of life Syndrome (SIDS) – Family . Almost baby boy bedding all SIDS deaths occur without warning with 90% of all SIDS deaths occurring from the age of 6 months. It is known that babies often stop breathing for a short period of time and some researchers believe that, that in the case of SIDS, there is a flaw in the mechanism for your resumption of breathing girl baby bedding bedding for babies. A growing number of researchers now believe that SIDS is not as a result of the single factor but a combination of different conditions. Numerous SIDS deaths occur in babies who have just had a cold or other respiratory illnesses and one of the most common autopsy finding is haemorrhaging in the baby’s chest.

It is thought which the most common risk factors for babies in relation to SIDS, although there is insufficient information to enable practitioners to try and predict which babies may possibly die from SIDS, are:

Sleeping on the stomach within a prone position

Re-breathing of stale air trapped in soft bedding

Being born to the teenage mum

Insufficient prenatal care

Premature babies or individuals with a low birth weight

Being born to some smoking mum or being routinely exposed to your smoky environment

Being born into a family where there baby girl bedding is a history of SIDS

Being born into a mother who abuses drugs

Being born into a deprived family

Some things you could do to reduce the risk of SIDS are:

Always place your baby on there back to sleep. Never on their front. Research shows that a lot more babies die of SIDS when place on their front to sleep than when place on their back customized baby bedding.

Place your baby on a firm mattress as research has shown that babies who sleep on soft mattresses or other soft surfaces are at greater risk.

Do not smoke during pregnancy or after birth and maintain your baby’s environment clear of smoke Sudden Infant Loss of life Syndrome (SIDS) – Family .
Keep all soft pillows, soft toys and other soft objects away from your baby whilst sleeping.
Breast feed your baby baby bedding sets.

Keep the nursery warm but not above hot (around 64F, 18C) Sudden Infant Dying Syndrome (SIDS) – Family .

Keep blankets and other baby bedding away from your baby’s mouth.

Discuss the risks of SIDS and possible preventative action with your healthcare provider.

Make sure that anyone that cares for your personal baby is properly aware on the main causes of SIDS and the actions you are taking in order to minimise the risk monkey baby bedding.

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