Cancer and Foods – 8 Types of Cancer Fighting Foods

Stages of Cancer

1. Asparagus

As we know that cancer is caused by abnormal growth of cell, asparagus contain the protein that helps to control the growth. Vitamin B, nucleic acid, selenium and enzyme are the important elements in balancing the growth of cancer call and prevent any spreading of cancer cell.

2. Tomato

Tomato contains high level of carotene and vitamin C which can help to prevent cancer effectively. carotene will only be absorbed by human body just after heat process with oil. Therefore, only cooked tomato such as tomato paste or baked tomato can provide us with high level of carotene.

3. Carrot

Same as tomato, carrot also contain high level of carotene. Besides that, it also contains ribonucleic acid which is in a position to interfere with all the growth of cancer cell and break it down. Vitamin A and C in it will helps to prevent growth of cancer. The chemical compound, which is believed as the culprit for cancer, may be break down by enzyme in carrots.

4. Banana

In a recent research, the immune competency among various types of fruits is compared. It can be found that banana shows the best result. Banana also contains an anticancer substance which symptoms of ovarian cancer can improve our immunity and increase the white blood cell count. Through the research, it truly is also found that the anticancer substance level stages of cancer is higher when the banana is ripe.

5. Citrus

Many of us think that beta carotene contains only the symptoms of ovarian cancer in carrots, but in fact orange contain 15 times over carrots. The sweeter the fruits are Cancer and Foods – 8 Types of Cancer Fighting Foods stages of ovarian cancer, the higher the carotene content.

6. Fig

Fig contain of high level of fiber and vitamins. In fact, it functions as a cleanser in our stomach, absorb all the damaging substances and discharge it final stages of cancer. Besides, it will promote the growth of in stomach plus the enzyme content will be able to promote the digestion of protein.

7. Kiwi Fruit

The content of vitamin C in Kiwi fruits is 30 times higher than apple and 60 times more than grapes. It also contains enzyme which makes it a very effective “fighter” towards cancer.

8 Cancer and Foods – 8 Types of Cancer Fighting Foods . Almond

Almond contain of vitamin B 17 stages of pancreatic cancer. Vitamin B 17 is known as the “killer” for cancer cell.

Now you know the type of food that helps us to fight cancer, maybe you can include it into your daily meal. As the old saying Cancer and Foods – 8 Types of Cancer Fighting Foods treatment for ovarian cancer, “prevention is better than cure”, let’s take additional precaution rather than regret later.

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