Antioxidants Can Reduce Cancer Risk

The earlier clinical trials could the symptoms of ovarian cancer not clearly explain the significance of antioxidants in cancer development. The clinical studies that were performed throughout 1990s concluded that the antioxidants will show their effect on the prevention of cancer Antioxidants Can Reduce Cancer Risk . These studies concentrated on the influence of beta-carotene on diverse cancer patient groups. Amongst the research that were conducted on the eradication of cancer risk by antioxidants, Chinese cancer prevention study was published in 1993. This randomized clinical trial was done in healthy Chinese men and ladies to investigate the effect of beta-carotene, selenium and vitamin E on the gastric cancer risk stages of pancreatic cancer. The study concluded that the incidence of gastric cancer and other cancers was reduced considerably due to the use of a mixture from the above mentioned antioxidants.

In a further study referred to as cancer prevention study that was conducted in 1994 says that the rate of lung cancer in Finnish males who had been smoking was not affected by the use of vitamin E. This study was component of alpha-Tocopherol (vitamin E)/ Beta-Carotene cancer prevention study. In quite a few other research that were carried out regarding the association of vitamin E, beta-carotene and retinol (vitamin A) in causing cancer were found to be negative. These studies were held in 1994 Antioxidants Can Reduce Cancer Danger ovarian cancer stages, 1996 and 1999 while the results of these studies say that the effect of antioxidants like Vitamin E, A and beta-carotene is neutral towards cancer.

The role of antioxidants in cancer prevention is determined by the evidence obtained from chemical studies, cell culturing and animal scientific studies done recently Antioxidants Can Reduce Cancer Threat . The free radicals are electrically charged types of molecules which tend to take away electrons from other molecules that are necessary inside the cellular function. In order to produce the free radicals not to disturb other molecules stages of ovarian cancer, antioxidants neutralize them by donating electrical charge. This will prevent the free radicals to remove electrons from other molecules and trigger damage to them. It was observed that lower inside the rate of cancer occurred in people who were eating high quantities of fruits and vegetables. Hence, antioxidants had been believed to reduce the risk of cancer.

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