How to Use Extension Cords With Washing Machines


Find the data plate on the back of one’s washer and note the amperage rating.
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When the data plate only lists watts, divide that number by 120 to come up using the approximate amperage draw of the washing machine.


Measure the distance between the nearest outlet
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along with the washer, taking into account the path the cord need to follow.


Purchase a cord that’s long enough and rated to handle the amperage of the washer. As a rule of thumbHow to Use Extension Cords With Washing Machines, amperage ratings of 10 or below require a 16-gauge cord. For greater draw, use a 14-gauge cordHow to Use Extension Cords With Washing Machines. If you have an unusually long run for the cord, use a 12-gauge cord. Be certain that that the outlet on the cord can accommodate the plug — for example, when the washer plug has three prongs, be sure to get a cord that has a three prong outlet.


Plug one particular finish with the cord into the wall socket, route the cord and plug the washer in to the other finish of the cord.

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