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Does Alternative Healing for Cancer Genuinely Work?

星期一, 03月 26th, 2012

Alternative healing treatments for cancer gently kill cancer cells without toxic side effects although strengthening the immune system and alkalizing the body to create an environment in which cancer cannot survive. When the balance with the body is restored, its cured of cancer.

There are over 400 numerous natural alternative methods to kill cancer Does Alternative Healing for Cancer Seriously Work stages of colon cancer? . Because alternative cancer treatments target cancer cells and do no harm to non-cancerous cells, these treatments could be employed in much higher doses than conventional cancer treatments which makes them far far more effective.

Most people think it would be dangerous and irresponsible to embark on an alternative remedy for cancer without first trying conventional treatments such surgery, radiation and chemotherapy which are routinely offered by our doctors.

A little education can go a long way in this case. It has been proven statistically that only two – 3% of men and women benefit from chemotherapy and just after treatment the immune system is shattered.

The body has its own unique way of healing itself and this takes time.
An alternative healing remedy can eliminate all the remaining cancers cells left over immediately after chemotherapy but unless the immune system has been restored to health the cancer cells will return. It can take quite a few months and even up to 3 years before the immune system is restored to optimal health so that it may fight cancer on its own final stages of cancer. A patient who has had chemo may well not have the time it needs for the body to do its work.

Governments, doctors, pharmaceutical companies and cancer societies do not like or agree with alternative healing treatments and try to debunk the advocates of these treatments stages of ovarian cancer, but the fact remains, as is evident all over the internet, that these remedies work. You’ll find thousands of testimonials from folks all over the world who have beaten their cancer by natural healing.

So Does Alternative Healing for Cancer Genuinely Work? , symptoms of ovarian cancer to address the question inside the title of this article… the answer is YES! Probably the most important thing you can do for yourself or your loved 1 is to open your mind, do the research, get all symptoms of ovarian cancer the information you can and make an informed, educated decision.

After all ovarian cancer staging, your life is in your hands.

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Alternative Healing for Cancer? Or Surgery, Radiation and Chemotherapy?

星期四, 03月 8th, 2012

Stages of Cancer

At stages of cancer the doctors office we are only given three choices, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy (chemo). What if that does not suit and you feel deep down that it is actually not the way for you to go. Some feel comfortable going along with these conventional methods and some need to find something else. All of us are diverse and what suits one does not necessarily suit another. Most doctors know nothing about natural healing for cancer and have little patience for people who want to do it that way, so generally we are on our own and have to educate ourselves by researching the options available to us. We need to feel comfortable so that we can choose our preferred remedy without threats or criticism.

We’ll look at conventional medical treatments first.

The first rule of orthodox medicine is to surgically remove the parts from the body with the most cancer. They do this even if the cancer has spread further and is beyond their ability to remove it all. The body’s immune system then goes to work to repair the damage done by the surgery leaving the remaining cancer cells under less attack and free to keep dividing and proliferating.

Radiation therapy will be the use of high energy, penetrating radiation, along with the purpose of this therapy is to eliminate or shrink localized cancers. This remedy comes with significant side effects, which, depending on the location of the cancer could be diarrhea Alternative Healing for Cancer? Or Surgery, Radiation and Chemotherapy? , incontinence, bone, skin and tissue damage, loss of taste, memory loss Alternative Healing for Cancer? Or Surgery, Radiation and Chemotherapy? , nausea, sleep disruption and visual changes to name a few. Long term side effects include the recurrence of cancer 10-20 years later.

Chemotherapy is an intravenously administered poison that kills all rapidly dividing cells whether they are healthy or cancerous Alternative Healing for Cancer? Or Surgery, Radiation and Chemotherapy ovarian cancer symptoms? . Worst hit by the chemo is your precious immune system. Either you, or someone you know (or knew), has experienced the side effects of chemotherapy – nausea stages of pancreatic cancer, vomiting, mouth sores, weakness, fatigue, dizzy spells stages of cervical cancer, loss of appetite, loss of hair and oftentimes a sense of deep depression. In many cases the body cannot recuperate quickly enough to adequately protect from common illnesses stages of colon cancer. Statistics show that up to 67% of people that die during cancer therapy do so because of infections arising as a direct result of reduction of white blood cells, an integral element with the immune system. The immune system failed because of, and as a result with the aggressive and toxic nature in the drugs. Furthermore, chemotherapy is so toxic that if a person utilised enough chemotherapy to kill all of their cancer cells, the patient would die long before all of their cancer cells died.

A healthy body will always work to heal itself. It truly is intricately designed to heal itself and when we co-operate with that healing capacity, we will be amazed at what can happen. This is why alternative therapies work so well as all these therapies provide the body with the ingredients it needs to overcome all disease such as stage 1V cancer, by strengthening the immune system.

Alternative healing treatments always involve a ‘cancer diet’. This includes all cancer fighting foods and no foods which have no cancer fighting properties. Depending on the cancer protocol chosen by the patient or the patient’s therapist each cancer diet is usually quite various. What I mean is, that although certain foods may be eaten with a certain protocol, those same foods may possibly be prohibited if eaten with a diverse protocol. It’s imperative that once a certain alternative protocol is chosen that it is strictly adhered to.

There are many, many natural alternative healing therapy protocols available to us. They are gentle, non toxic and without damaging or long term side effects. A fact is the fact that if a natural healing therapy restores the balance if the body, the cancer will be gone along with the body is left equipped to fight any disease on its own successfully.

Sure it takes a lot of discipline and effort to embark on an alternative healing protocol but whatever it takes, it seems to me, that no price is too high to pay for well being and wellness.

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