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Obesity Linked To Cancer

星期四, 05月 17th, 2012

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There are many medical issues that are linked to being overweight Obesity Linked to Cancer . It stresses out your cardio-vascular system and plays hell with you joints
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. Eventually if weight gains continue your muscular system just can’t manage to move that mass around. I’m not saying this stuff to be mean, but possibly to save your life.

Something that doesn’t get talked about much is the link to cancer in both men and women. The different sexes are more likely to get certain cancers, ie breast cancer for women and prostate cancer for men, but that doesn’t mean that men can’t get breast cancer. It just means it’s less likely. But many other cancers are linked to obesity.

Being obese and having a sedentary lifestyle may be linked to over 25% of cancers of the colon, breast, endometrial, esophagus and kidneys. If you can avoid weight gain and reduce your body mass you also can reduce the risk of cancer. That’s the good news. The bad news is that thousands of new cases of cancer every year are directly linked to obesity.

Getting on to specifics on breast cancer, women who are pre-menopausal and obese have a lower risk of breast cancer than women of a “normal” weight. Once you are into menopause however, the likelihood increases to 1.5 the rate of women who are of a “healthy weight.” The risks seem to be tied to the levels of estrogen that are ‘circulating’ at any given time. More estrogen (more common in heavier post-menopausal women) means more risk of breast cancer.

Next up: cancer of the uterus. Obese women have a two to four times greater chance than normal women.

The colon cancer factor: Abdominal fat (the traditional “beer belly”) seems to indicate a higher risk factor with this

throat cancer symptoms

in men. The numbers in the report from the National Cancer Institute weren’t very specific, just saying that it occurs “more frequently

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in those who are obese.” The risk

Valuable Suggestions for Increasing the Ovarian Cancer Survival Rates

of kidney cancer in men seems to also have a positive correlation to obesity, but in women the linkage is marked
ovarian cancer symptoms
. They have an occurrence rate two to four times higher than women of a normal weight.

It seems to me that any reasonable person would look at the cancer statistics (and I encourage you to do more research on this) and those would set you on the course to lose weight. Coupled with the cardiovascular benefits, and the mobility factor it is pretty much a no-brainer. I realize people think that weight loss is always a roller coaster ride Obesity Linked to Cancer , and if you approach it wrong
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, it will be.

Weight loss has to be a conscious choice and a lifetime commitment to physical activity and healthy food choices. Neither has to be extreme to give you consistent results. 30 minutes per day of walking or some activity that raises your heart rate can work wonders
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. And if you decide to eat as little processed foods as possible (meaning sticking to fruits Obesity Linked to Cancer , vegetables, meats, seafood and avoiding pre-packaged “ready to heat and eat” choices) you can make a difference without too much sacrifice.

Obesity Linked To Cancer

Are Genetics What’s Behind Cancer?

星期一, 04月 2nd, 2012

Breast cancer is a biggie and most people today notice that if one family member has breast cancer the likelihood is the fact that other members of that family may perhaps also have breast cancer as well. As a matter of fact many women have now been tested to see if they have the breast cancer gene and are so petrified of getting a breast cancer diagnosis that they have what are called preventative mastectomies Are Genetics What’s Behind Cancer? . This is essentially a prevented removal of the breast tissue to prevent potential problems down the road.

It may or may possibly not be possible to prevent cancer stages of pancreatic cancer. Straightforwardly, it isn’t simple to resolve whether or not you can prevent cancer throughout a life span Are Genetics What’s Behind Cancer? . Individuals who have a pre-emptive mastectomy most likely think that you’re able to do that, but, on the other hand Are Genetics What’s Behind Cancer? stages of colon cancer, this is like juxtaposing the prospect of getting breast cancer and using the prospect of getting a different kind of cancer. Nobody can definitely settle on that because this is a solution that has only been employed recently which means that there have not been abundant results recorded up till now.

In any case if doctors can find the breast cancer gene so to speak then in reality there must be a cancer gene or mutation of a gene for every single type of cancer. And then the question becomes if the problem lies within the inherent gene or is it a mutation that is occurring in that gene across certain blood lines? And if cancer may be linked to a specific gene then what may be the relationship stages of pancreatic cancer, if any to carcinogens that exist in our world? Maybe you will discover no carcinogens?

Honestly stages of cervical cancer, you will find lots of details to consider about when we think of whether cancer comes from DNA, the atmosphere, or a lot more. It completely gives persons new types of ideas nevertheless the stages of cancer for the reason that if a cancer gene exists and its acquired through reproduction then maybe poison is not the actual problem we the stages of cancer are faced with in terms of cancer.

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Healthy Living Tips To Reduce Cancer Risk

星期六, 03月 24th, 2012


It is believed that maintaining a healthy weight is the most important thing you can do next to not smoking. Its suggested that individuals try to maintain their Body Mass Index (BMI) in the lower end of their range.

Evidence suggests that excess fat is a risk element for at least six unique types of cancer. These would be colon cancer, post menopausal breast cancer, esophageal cancer, kidney cancer Healthy Living Tips To Reduce Cancer Risk , pancreatic cancer and endometrial cancer. Body fat is also beginning to be linked to an increased risk of gallbladder cancer as well.


We all know that a regular exercise program is not only good for heart wellness but for overall wellness in common. It can also reduce the risk of many forms of cancer Healthy Living Tips To Reduce Cancer Risk . The added benefit here is the fact that it will also help you to control weight.

It is recommended that you exercise at least a single half hour per day and increase that to 1 hour as your fitness level improves. If you do not presently have an exercise program take a few minutes to think about what you enjoy doing. This will help you continue the program for the long run.


Diet is very important to lowering your cancer risk. Limit or avoid foods that are high in fats and added sugars in low in fiber. These are the types of foods that can result in us to be overweight and obese which is one of many major risk aspects for developing cancer. Stay away from fast and processed foods as much as you can.

Incorporate fresh fruits, whole grains, vegetables and beans into your diet as much as possible. Try to eat 5 servings of these plant based food each day. Diets that contain a high amount of these high fiber foods will reduce the risk of cancer as well as help you maintain a healthy weight.

There is strong evidence that links red meat to the incidence of colorectal cancer test for ovarian cancer. This is one of many more common forms of cancer within the United States. It is suggested that you try to limit the consumption of red meats (beef, pork and lamb) to a maximum of 18 ounces per week. In addition processed meats such as bacon, ham, cold cuts and sausages will need to be reserved for special occasions or holidays.

There is convincing evidence that alcohol consumption can lead to a quantity of several cancers symptoms of ovarian cancer. Reducing the amount you drink can reduce the risk of developing these types of cancers. For men it is actually suggested that you have no over two drinks per day and for women one particular drink each day.

Limit the amount of salty foods that you eat. Many processed foods are high in sodium and this is just one particular a lot more reason to avoid them. We know that high salt intake will increase the risk of developing high blood pressure but many do not realize that it can also increase the risk of stomach cancer.

Mothers are advised to breast feed for the first six months and then gradually add other liquids and foods. Our cancer risk is affected by the things that we do throughout of lives so it is actually never too early to be thinking about prevention treatment for ovarian cancer. This also has a two fold benefit. By breastfeeding you are reducing the chance that the infant will become overweight or obese and it has been shown to reduce the risk with the mother developing breast cancer.

In conclusion, while we are not likely to eliminate the risk of developing cancer entirely there are some simple lifestyle and dietary changes that we can make to greatly reduce that risk final stages of cancer. Remember that even the smallest changes are a step in the right direction.

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Can a Bra Cause Cancer?

星期日, 03月 4th, 2012

Stages of Cancer

They studied two groups of women from 4 distinct cities. The first group had been cancer free, the second either had Breast Cancer or were survivors of it. They then looked into the bra wearing habits of the women, essentially how many hours a day the women wore a bra, then cross referenced this with all the cancer V no cancer numbers.

The results had been as follows:-

  • Did not wear a bra at all – inside the cancer group 0.24% – in the non-cancer group 5%
  • Wore a Bra less than 12 hours a day – inside the cancer group 1% – inside the non-cancer group 19%
  • Wore a Bra over 12 hours a day, but not to bed – 81% in the cancer group – 73% with the non-cancer group
  • Wore a Bra 24 hours a day – 18% of the cancer group – 3% from the non-cancer group.

Looking at these results it can be hard not to see there is something going on right here, as in each case the non-cancer group fared better (less time in a bra, the less cancer). However, quite what that something is, could be the question?

It is suggested, that a bra constricts, squashes and damages the lymph nodes that are contained in and around the breast area. If damaged, these nodes which are an important element of your body’s immune system and are responsible for draining away toxins from the body, can no longer work. Thus toxins do not get removed and there is a build up of this toxic fluid (inflammation) within the area, which as we all know, is not a good thing. Tissue regularly exposed to this toxic fluid, can degenerate and could become cancer.

So sounds reasonable, and if you are on the list of many people whose bra does not quite fit right (and that’s most of us), you will no doubt have seen the indents left by your bra when you remove it.

So who or what to believe?

The thing is, this research was not medical, was not published in a medical journal and has been criticized by the medical profession as the study did not aspect in such things as age, family history and medical history.

Myself I take no comfort inside the fact the medical profession is very negative towards this research, that tends to be their default stance and there is no medical proof towards the contra. Also, as someone who refused to have her own lymph nodes removed during cancer remedy (I am a firm believer in the power of a healthy lymphatic system), I am leaning towards this being a possibility.

Clearly, if we just look at the Over 12 hours V Under 12 hours figures, 19 times as many women got cancer if they wore a bra over 12 hours, which is HUGE!

So why not ditch the bra?

For me, as bra wearing is not a habit of mine generally, it is easy to embrace this with a “why not” attitude stages of cervical cancer. However, I can see this is even more difficult for some than others, particularly larger women. So, rather than dismiss the possibility outright Can a Bra Result in Cancer? , why not try changing to a no underwire ovarian cancer symptoms, well fitted version instead? Or perhaps cut down on the quantity of hours per day, by electing stages of cancer to not wear a bra when at home?

Let’s face it girls, what harm could it do?

Because who knows – maybe Can a Bra Lead to Cancer? stages the symptoms of ovarian cancer of pancreatic cancer, just maybe, Singer and Grismaijer are onto something.

Coach Lin
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Breast Cancer Awareness Promotional Products – Let the Public Be Aware of It

星期六, 03月 3rd, 2012

Stages of Cancer

With breast cancer campaigns that possess such important objectives stages of cervical cancer, it can be important to ensure that the public is in a position to absorb and remember the messages being transmitted by the campaigns in order for the campaigns to work effectively. Thus, this is where promotional products play one of the important parts in helping the public to be able to relate themselves closely using the campaigns and of course Breast Cancer Awareness Promotional Products – Let the Public Be Aware of It , the messages to be transmitted.

One suggestion for a cancer awareness promotional product would be pink printed sport bottles. Why pink, you would ask. The color pink is utilized with the collaboration with the pink ribbon, which is an international symbol for breast cancer ovarian cancer symptoms. Thus, the color pink is closely related to breast cancer Breast Cancer Awareness Promotional Products – Let the Public Be Aware of It . The pink printed sport bottles could be utilized to encourage the public ovarian cancer stages, especially women, to take care of themselves through a right way Breast Cancer Awareness Promotional Products – Let the Public Be Aware of It , with an indirect message of using sports as one of many solutions in ensuring a healthy lifestyle for the women. Besides, sports bottle is usually utilised over and over again in their daily lives. Men can also chose symptoms of ovarian cancer to use the pink printed sport bottles to show their support towards the awareness stages of cancer with the cancer. The support shown by the men will of course, accelerate the symptoms of ovarian cancer the women’s confidence and determination in protecting themselves.

Apart from pink printed sport bottles, a pink shot glass can also be considered as a breast cancer awareness promotional product. Again, the color pink symbolizes the awareness on the seriousness of breast cancer; also, shot glass is usually utilized frequently when hanging out with others and it may also become a decoration for the house or room as well. Thus, this cancer awareness promotional product becomes a multi-functional product in which individuals using the shot glass not only show their support to the awareness for the cancer and within the same time stages of colon cancer, it may be applied for hanging out and decoration within the house as well.

Besides, tote bags are ideal breast cancer awareness promotional product as well. Awareness messages could be attached to the tote bag and whenever individuals use the tote bag, it reminds them on the issue on the cancer and in the same time, it also serves as a further multipurpose item where users can use the tote bags in their daily lives.

Another suggestion for cancer awareness promotion product would be pink caps. Pink caps will be attached with awareness messages and also be utilised for outdoor activities in which the messages attached will expose towards the public and also causing further awareness towards the public.

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