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The Breuss Cancer Cure

星期五, 03月 23rd, 2012

Stages of Cancer

Rudolf Breuss was an educated man from Austria who had an innate understanding with the human body and a love for humanity. He turned his attention to finding an alternative, gentle remedy for cancer and other diseases for the reason that conventional treatments were invasive and not frequently successful.

Normal mainstream remedy following a cancer diagnosis is surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Some of these treatments are successful if the cancer the stages of cancer is caught early but the success rate for these very same treatments for advanced cancer is virtually nil as statistics show that only 2-3% of people today get any benefit from chemotherapy. It puts the argument forward that advanced cancer should be treated differently.

Cancer is known as a disease of total toxicity. Appear at what we are exposed to on a daily basis treatment for ovarian cancer. Air pollution, water pollution, pesticides and insecticides on all commercially produced food, refined foods, preservatives stages of cervical cancer, chemicals and food colourings. The human body was not developed for this build-up of artificial poisonous substances, cannot deal with them and so they accumulate inside the system and that is certainly the reason for illness.

Breuss put his patients on a juice rapid which effectively removes the metabolic waste and frees cell membranes from the protein build-up about cells which prevents correct oxygenation. This therapy not just cures cancer but also eliminates lots of other problems like skin infections, obesity test for ovarian cancer, infertility, kidney infections, constipation and dandruff, to name a couple of.

The Breuss Cancer Remedy can be a 42 day juice rapid. It’s a program of combining distinct vegetable juices with specially blended herbal teas The Breuss Cancer Remedy . This remedy deals with cancer and other diseases by totally detoxifying and cleansing the entire system.

The treatment theory is to starve the cancer by deep detoxification working with a mixture of juices which consist of beetroot, carrot, celeriac, radish and potato The Breuss Cancer Cure . (Potato juice is 1 with the pretty best alkaline foods there is certainly). Cancer can only exist inside a sour or acid environment and this remedy makes the patient’s system alkaline, providing no food for the cancer to feed on, thereby starving it.

The special combination of juices and teas utilized in this therapy keep the body nourished as they’re rich in vitamins and minerals The Breuss Cancer Remedy , meanwhile allowing the metabolism to get back into balance.

The success of this remedy depends on it getting followed exactly as directed. The body may perhaps initially expertise the uncomfortable effects of headaches and perhaps nausea or depression but this really is perfectly normal and means changes are taking location plus the cleansing action has began. These symptoms should be allowed to happen and soon pass.

It is absolutely essential, if you are intending to undertake a natural cancer remedy just like the Breuss juice quick, that you engage a natural therapist, like a Naturopath or Homeopath to supervise and guide you by means of the process.

Rudolf Breuss’s organic juice recipe is created by the Biotta enterprise of Switzerland according to his strict instructions. Its totally organic and the vegetables are pressed devoid of heat and inside a way which preserves all the reside enzymes. Lactic acid is added to preserve the juice. If you are unable to juice the vegetables yourself, Biotta juice is available bottled from fantastic well being stores. His recommended herbal teas are also available at very good wellness stores.

“Do not be afraid of cancer. The cancer lives on solid foods only so, if you only drink my vegetable juice and herbal teas for 42 days final stages of cancer, the cancerous growth dies and you live”

A quote by Rudolf Breuss – from the book ‘The Breuss Cancer Cure’

Up until 1990 approximately 45,000 (most in all probability far more) cancer patients and patients with seemingly incurable diseases have recovered making use of this fast.

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