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Purple Monkey Decorating Ideas

星期六, 04月 28th, 2012

Teen’s Room

Purple Bobby Jack monkey bedding is popular among teenage girls. Those cute monkey faces look like they’re ready for some fun, while the purple color gives the bedding a feminine touch. This also works well since not many products exist that girls can use to flaunt their love of monkeys and still be considered coolPurple Monkey Decorating Tips. If you cannot find any purple monkey bedding, buy regular purple sheets and one or two stuffed, comical monkeys to put on top of the pillows. You do not want to put too many monkeys in the room, especially if it’s a teenage girl’s room, but the walls can be purple and you can find some monkey curtains to hang over the window. To add some humor, hang a bunch of stuffed bananas from the ceiling fixture. Sock monkeys are also cooler for teenagers than other, comical monkeys.

Baby Shower Themes

Monkeys go well with baby themes. The animals show up on many baby items with oversized heads and cloth diapers. You can take that baby monkey and use him to get a baby shower. This works exceptionally well if the mother-to-be is expecting a girl, or if her favorite color is purple. Get some purple monkey stickers and attach to the invitations. Drape the tables with purple monkey tablecloths. Get purple, plastic glasses shaped like monkeys for people to drink from. Find some cheap, stuffed monkeys and dress them up in little, purple diapers. To top if off, put little purple bonnets on their heads.


If you went with
baby girl bedding sets
the baby shower theme, you can use a lot of those items to decorate the baby’s room. Babies like soft colors, so paint
the walls a pastel purple. So the walls are not just one solid color of purple, get a monkey border and run through the middle of the walls around the room. Find some monkey decals that can be easily applied to and removed from the walls. Find a monkey mobile and hang over the baby’s crib. Get some purple monkey bedding to top off the look.

Girl’s Room

If cute, pet monkeys are what your little girl is into right now, a variety of things can be done to her room. Get wall decals and plaster little monkeys all over her walls. Buy her a little purple pail with a monkey on it as a wastebasket. Find her a monkey light switch plate and a wooden monkey rocking chair. Paint the chair purple to add to the overall theme. The stuffed monkeys you used for the nursery can be transferred to her room. Just remove the purple diapers and bonnets. AlsoPurple Monkey Decorating Ideas, find her a purple rug to place in the middle of the room.

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