The gown is made of coarse cloth

Several large curved tables spread on the wall, above the emission of a variety of instruments. Some gold chart for writing paper objects, lest they be wind to blow away, there were several document bookmarks. The object model into 1.5 put a table, used to simulate the movement of the planets, the precision instrument beside a few strings with high-quality wire strung the beads. Most laptop barrier in the side wall, pile into a hill. The rest are packing plug in the table below. A map of the world on the wall, leakage of a part, the above we can see Khadka’s hometown of Lordaeron and is located in the south of Ai Ze Lars, in addition to the elves and dwarves of the two secret kingdom — Katz Medin and Quill Salas. This map with countless pin, formed a similar constellation pattern, which means only about Madivin himself said clearly.

Maddie Wen there — Khadka thought that never is others. He is a middle-aged man, in a Diablo 3 Gold straight onto the back. When he was young, be full of black hair, but now the near beard and was already turning gray at the temples. Khadka know, that is due to strong power in his body contains the physical pressure, this phenomenon in the mage in a few.Maddie is wearing ordinary mage robe — size was his big frame. The gown is made of coarse cloth, decorated with simple decoration. Pants trousers all folded into exaggerated boots. Broad shoulders with a maroon cap cloak, now not wear.When Khadka’s eyes adjust to the dark, only to discover that he just thinks Maddie paper clothes chastity is completely mistaken. In fact, this dress trimmed with fine silver, like nature itself — highest quality workmanship that at first glance is not see. Khadka stared at the back of the Archmage, as if from the silver pattern to see a public face demons. He blinked, pattern seems to have become a coiled dragon, then fly to the sky.

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