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When the incident

星期五, 09月 6th, 2013

Like other defeat or to quietly fade, or to provide in to the amazing and realistic performance stress.Bravely taken a few steps, we will be able to see a definitely different mage capabilities program, there is a variety of rhythms may, each can be effective action. My own ideas, changes some of the capabilities and runes, we can not be more fun:Output capabilities are divided into four categories:Auxiliary output: does not need frequent release that is sustainable efficient Expert result capabilities.Occult spells: associate can not eat, may have outcomes.Strengthen output: gradually consumption Peru can cause higher harm.

Skills: broke and exhausted all the key can attempt to strike each element of the Secretary-energy will create the impact more amazing. Poorly key low, can not even toss, but the the complete associate can scenario result is very amazing.

When the incident of the technology is used to reduce the key items can be consumed or impact comparative to improving the associate can cap.There are several release skills:Channel: Must was standing still to toss, must keep toss to execute the effectOrdinary: was standing still to toss action sends a Diablo 3 Gold while shifting.Switch: for the first a probability to use capabilities start impact, second off impact.